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Add a Video Menu to WordPress using Moxi

A PitchHub Video Menu can be added to the Moxi WordPress using these instructions.

These instructions can also be used to insert a YouTube Playlist embed code.

If you want to insert only a Video, using a URL, then click here.

From within WordPress :

  • Choose Personalize Your Homepage under Common Tasks
  • Homepage -> Welcome Text -> Show custom text -> Insert -> Media

For a Video Menu

  • Click the Embed tab
  • paste the PitchHub embed code
  • Click OK

You will see a media icon, but the video cannot be previewed at this time.

To save & view the changes, click Publish at the bottom of the page

That’s it! Now you can view the video on the site, to confirm it is working.

If you see an error such as this, then please contact the PitchHub support to enable the video to play from your domain.