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Summer Special Offer iShot Teleprompter Mount with a Pro24 Video Package

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We created an exclusive video offer on how to get this mount free mount with PitchHub!

This new iShot Teleprompter Mount is perfect for PitchHub videos, as it holds both the tablet for the teleprompter and a smartphone to record the video with. Most smartphones, in my opinion, are the best cameras on the market for busy professionals to record with now at 4k quality.

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Note: this page is relatively technical. If you are looking for a simple, specific integration then please check the other blog posts above this level. URL Types There are two…

Add a Vimeo Video to WordPress using Moxi

Using these instructions a Vimeo video can be added to the Moxi WordPress based on the video URL such as: If you want to insert a Video Menu or…