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Summer Special Offer iShot Teleprompter Mount with a Pro24 Video Package

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Are you recording your videos at home or from an office?

Are you seeking a more professional way to record?

If so, we highly recommend this custom mount. Watch this short video to learn more…

We created an exclusive video offer on how to get this mount free mount with PitchHub!

This new iShot Teleprompter Mount is perfect for PitchHub videos, as it holds both the tablet for the teleprompter and a smartphone to record the video with. Most smartphones, in my opinion, are the best cameras on the market for busy professionals to record with now at 4k quality.

iShot has made this installation simple and easy, all you need is tripod that reaches up to your head height and a small wrench to tighten it all down. We also recommend a wired or wireless microphone also for better audio capture.

Here one of our top real estate customers and her team are saying about using this new mount:

The PitchHub team are great, they stop by a few days a month to check in on us, but for the most part, the real estate agents in my office schedule a weekly video day to shoot their videos. Each agent gets scripts from their managers or PitchHub sometimes provides them for us. Whomever is shooting the video will pull it up on the teleprompter, which is basically an ipad, and then record their videos using their own phone. From there they upload the video to PitchHub, and by the next day they have a professional video with captions for social media. 2021 has been a great for real estate, I will tell you that all the top agents are using PitchHub for their business. Between the teleprompter and their editing service it’s changed the way we do business, forever.

Thanks Shannon and the entire Walker Team at Intero! So here’s our offer – When you purchase a new 24 package of videos with PitchHub we’ll ship you a free iShot video mount, simply use the promotion code: ISHOTMOUNT when you sign up at and we will ship you one out immediately.

Remember with we make your life easier with video. We’re excited to see what you and try it out today!

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