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PitchHub’s Latest Teleprompter + Script Software Release

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PitchHub has release a software teleprompter that can run on any modern web browser device and is integrated with our cloud stored scripts.  

Given the current technology environment–there are so many different devices out there–so we chose to build it as a web-based application. This approach bypasses problems with downloading and updating an app in order to stay current with features. 

Web-Based Applications vs. Native Apps

We simply wanted to make it easy for someone to open up a web browser on their iPad or tablet, computer or phone to be able to create & edit a script and then hit Studio mode to initiate the teleprompter. PitchHub developed the features of this teleprompter based on working with hundreds busy professionals creating videos.

Key Features & Benefits

Our new key features include:

Voice-activation so the teleprompter will start and stop based on the sound of your voice. This is great for letting you set the pace.

• Auto-scroll to help you keep a nice, steady, consistent pace as the speaker reads the script.

• A start delay, hit play on the teleprompter, and then wait for the countdown. This give you time to walk into position and get ready.

• Adjust the font size, so if you are reading it from far away, you can actually see the text comfortably.

Teleprompter mount

We have a hardware mount that holds iPad, tablet, smartphone or with a professional camera. This sits on top of a standard camera tripod.

PitchHub worked with the hardware manufacturer to customize the video mount setup. We wanted to ensure that viewers can be more engaged because the speaker is looking directly into the camera and speaking to them. 

Reach out to us today because we know this is going to help you create more professional videos. Thanks for taking a look and we are excited to see what you create with PitchHub!

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